Bay Area Flooding - Are You Covered?

| January 05, 2023

We are fielding dozens of calls this week from concerned clients after the New Year's weekend super storm, and today's even bigger storm, wondering if they are covered for flood damage to their homes.  Unfortunately, flood losses are NOT covered on any homeowners policy.  

A "flood" is defined by an intrusion of ground water from the exterior of a property.  A separate flood policy must be purchased for the property in order to have coverage.  

Flood policies are not just for those living near a body of water. Climate change and the higher frequency of super storms has lead to an increase in homeowner losses due to flooding.  We have had several clients experience flood losses due to heavy rains, just this week, most of which are in urban areas.  Without flood insurance, they have to cover the loss on their own. 

Every California homeowner should have flood insurance, especially those living on a hill, below a hillside, or below street level.  

You can never predict the time, cause and severity of any major loss, and the effect it will have on you. You can control purchasing the proper insurance to protect against such a catastrophic loss.  As big winter storms are getting to be more frequent, please, stay safe, and let us know how we can help you. 

Contact Us if you have questions, or would like a flood policy quote.  Stay safe out there, and let us know how we can help.