Tips to Protect Your Catalytic Converter

Tips to Protect Your Catalytic Converter

| October 06, 2021

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise. What can you do?

Tips to avoid catalytic converter theft:

  • Whenever possible, park inside a locked garage.
  • Get a "Cat Lock” installed,  and ask your mechanic about marking it with your VIN number.  

Make sure you have the right coverage, in case of cat theft:

  • Check your policy to ensure that you have  "Comprehensive" coverage on your vehicles.  If the repair for catalytic converter theft, or attempted theft, is more than your deductible, it will be covered, with no impact to your premium.  "Comprehensive" is very inexpensive, and worth adding to your policy, even if you don't have "Collision" coverage.
  • If you're not sure, download your policy documents, or give us a call

Thinking of buying a new car?

  • Find out if the catalytic converter is in the engine compartment, it’s much harder to steal.
  • Honda and Toyota are the most highly targeted vehicles for cat theft, especially the Prius.

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