Why We Call You For Policy Reviews

Why We Call You For Policy Reviews

| December 13, 2022

We are one of the few agencies that make the effort to contact every one of our clients about a month before each policy renews.  What actually is a policy review?  It is NOT about paying your bill, although we are happy to assist if you have questions.  We want to review your policy to make sure it is up to date, and that only takes a few minutes.  Over the years, we've helped many of our clients avoid disaster, simply by having a conversation.   

When it's your turn, you'll receive a quick call from one of the members of our Renewal Team - Rick, Natalie, or Leslie, who lead the effort of reviewing thousands of policies each year. It is vital that you take this call.  Why?

  • We check for changes you've made that require updating your coverage 
  • We look for coverage gaps - many of our clients are underinsured!
  • We hunt for every last discount you are eligible for.  
  • We research other options if it makes sense

We are always looking out for your best interest, and we look forward to talking to you at your next renewal.

If you're happy with our service, and would like recommend us to friends and family, you might ask them - "When's the last time your insurance agent called YOU?"  Fill out this Referral Form when you recommend us so we know it was you making the referral!  We will send you a gift card for every new referral that becomes a client.